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We are based in Ahmedabad and consist of expert developers in various technology stacks and are dedicated to mobile application development / web application / cloud computing / big data / linux server and many more. You can hire our developers to work dedicatedly for you.




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This projects incldue our work on both web and mobile platform.


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Who we are ?

Hupp Technologies is a team of highly experienced programmers from various technologies and a lot of industry experience. We are highly strategical and analytical in terms of system understanding and planning. Our clients come to us with their ideas and we carfully understand their needs and plan the system accordingly.

What we do ?

We build mobile and web applications. We've indulged in projects of various scales from small to big. Challenges or functionality is never a barrier for us. Infact challenging projects are the one we love most to work on.

We work on several domains like : mobile apps, games, custom websites for your business, payment gateways, CRM systems, cloud computing, cloud servers, linux administration and many more.

Latest Projects. We Love What We Do!

Checkout some of the fascinating apps done @Hupp Technolgoies. Our developers strive for perfection and our projects are the best example of our quality. We enjoy exploring new areas / technologies for development and stay updated with latest trends in industry.

by moderator in LibGDX
by moderator in Android
by moderator in Android
by moderator in iOS
by moderator in Unity3D
by moderator in Cocos2D
A game to kill your time. You have to save your village under attack by pirates. Super nice graphics. Some nice features : - Play for free! - Maneuver fast and furious through the fight using only your finger! - Use the rapid-fire option when you need to increase the power of a shot! - Sharp visual graphics that intensify the realism! - Rack up points for each pirate ship and collateral you wipe out! - Stunning retina graphics! - Nonstop gaming action—play until your heart’s content! - Coin collection for extended play!
by moderator in Cocos2D
It’s not easy being a fish in a river!Anew arcade-style action game,Fish Up in the River, lets you experience what it is like beingone of the most hunted occupants of a river. This game is so exciting. You will surely have a hard time putting it down! Your task in the Fish Up in the River game, should you choose to accept it, is to swim all the way up the river without being snagged by a fisherman’s boat,a gang of fish, or other dangerous thingsthat exist in the river that want to do you harm. To reach your destination you will need a fish that is capable of completing the task. They may all have friendly names such as Buddy, Rainbow, and Bubbles, but you won’t find any docile fish in the Fish Up in the River game. These fish shoot bullets and are capable of swimming at varying speeds. Buddy will get you started, but you can unlock other fish that can swim top speed up the river!FEATURESHere are a few of the great features that are available in theFish Up in a River game:- Runs on iPhone or iPad!- Enjoy the basic game for free!- Option to […]

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Node JS / RoR

Node JS / NPM / Gems / Rabbit MQ / / Express JS

Mobile Development

iPhone / iPad / Android / Objective C / Swift / Java / Phonegap / Cordova / Titanium


Angular JS /  Backbone / React.js / Ember / D3 / jquery

  • Jeff Benson

    The team at Hupp Technologies is really robust and amazing. They designed, developed and delivered my android app perfectly as i needed. Highly recommended!

  • Zach Renta, Webrouse

    I needed a game to be developed for iPhone and Android in a short duration. Developers and designers at Hupp Technologies gave a detailed attention to my game and got this executed perfectly within schedule. Great work! Will hire again.