Aug 10

Animal Numbers for Kids

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Animal Numbers for Kids is a child-oriented educational app designed to teach numbers to kids in an amusing way.

Parents can install this kid education app both to educate their children and to have a nice time with them. There are 6 categories: Read, Write, Count, Math, Pattern, Exercise. Read category is appropriate to toddlers (1-3 year kids) All the numbers, 0 to 10, are indicated. You can listen each numbers and see them with lovely objects like flowers, fruits and animals.

In Write category, children trace numbers. So they learn how the numbers are written.

Count category has a basic concept of counting. There are beautiful animal illustrations and sweet objects to be counted. Children try to find the right number among the options.

Pre-school kids enter into the amusing world of mathematics. In Math category, kids start to add and subtract! It is useful for preschool education. The arithmetic operations are indicated with the animal and fruit objects, and a voice recites the numbers.

Pattern category has two subcategories: dots and sequence. Kids connect the dots to see lovely animal images. These easy games make kids enjoy and learn.

In Exercise category, kids are asked to find the smallest or largest number on colorful balloons.

With sounds, funny images, easy goals, beautiful graphics this educational app is for parents wanting to educate their children before primary school. Children will love maths and numbers. Also, toddlers can learn reading and counting the numbers.

Aug 10

Animal Alphabet for Kids

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Animal Alphabet for Kids is a free educational app to teach ABC to kids.

This app is designed for families having preschoolers (3-5 year children). Parents can install it to teach all letters in English alphabet to their kids and to enjoy together. Please note that the language of the app is English.

There are 6 categories for adorable kids: Read A-Z, Learn to Write, Pattern, Find the Correct Image, Puzzle, Quiz.

Read A-Z category has three subcategories: letters, phonics, animals. Children will see the little and capital letters and hear how the letters are pronounced in English. Also, there are lovely animals with their pretty images and sounds, along with this there will an human voice mentioning the initial letter of animal names. Children and even toddlers will enjoy so much and learn animals and letters at the same time. There are various animals like deer, camel, elephant, iguana.

Kids can learn the shapes of the letters by tracing the letters or fill the letter shapes. Kids learn not only how to write and read the letters but also to read and write some basic words by dragging and dropping the letters to form a word.

There are many amusing games, puzzles and quizzes for preschool education. They will find the object starting with the letter, connect the dots to see funny images. Children will learn the letters and words before going to school.


- Human voice for Alphabets to teach how the letters are pronounced in English
- Image of each letters with capital and little ones
- Pretty images and real sounds of the Animals
- Amusing games for letter recognition
- Pre-school educational content

Aug 10

Farm Animals

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Farm Animals for Toddler is an educational app consisting of brain training puzzles, simple bubble shooter games, cute animal jigsaws, animal cards with animations and animal photos. It is an ideal app for parents who wants to teach kids animals and to amuse them with simple but funny kids games. Moreover, we have added piano to help toddlers learn sounds and musical notes very basically.

Top Features / Tech Stacks :

  • Multi Language Support - Localization
  • Built with LibGDX
  • Custom game editor development to build game levels
  • Remote assset management
  • Memory and Asset management for large sized game.
  • Remote updates without the need to update the actual app from store
  • Multiple In App purchases

Try it and enjoy !!