Apr 21

My Back Relief

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Aug 10

MyFire Sale

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The BEST way to buy and sell anything you want in your community!

This app makes buying and selling easier for daily use items and helps connect people easily looking either to sell or puchase used products.

We've built this for both iOS and Android and it's available on their respective store.

- 100% free!
- No accounts!
- Post as many items for sale as you want!
- You choose the way a potential buyer contacts you!

Just snap a picture, name your price and explain the details. Thats it! 

Browse listings to look for something in particular or just look around at everything!

Aug 10

Anatomy Atlas Anatomicus

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Anatomic.us is a visual atlas that enables to find most of the information about human anatomy.
Exploration of human body with visual effects is so easy now. You can find anatomy atlases and descriptions on this medical library.
It is very helpful to medical students, teachers and everyone willing to understand Human anatomy.

Built with :

  • Phonegap 
  • jQuery Mobile
  • HTML 5 Canvas


Aug 10

Tappy Reflex

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Grab your headphones for the full experience of this game! Distinguish between sounds coming through the left or the right channels, and tap on the respective side. If you don't want to use sound you can always just play in flash mode! Or if you're up for a challenge play with both! The game starts out easy, but you'll soon be wishing for it to slow down!