Apr 23

Dreamers Empire

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Apr 21

May May Cakery

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Apr 21

5 Star

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Apr 21


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Apr 21


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Aug 21


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Website built in wordpress for UK based company that helps their client in accounting and bookkeepign software. Features include : Theme customization / Plugin development and much more.


Aug 13


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Website built on top of wordpress for a company that develops apps for medical students. Also option to play game online and promotion pages for their newly launched products.

Developed custom widgets and special plugin for managing video posts.


Aug 13

Paper Clouds Apparel

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About the site :

Paper Clouds Apparel was formed to showcase the creative minds and artistic abilities of individuals with special needs while raising funds to provide financial support for special needs schools and organizations. We achieve this goal by selling t-shirts, hats and totes featuring artwork designed by individuals with special needs. Paper Clouds Apparel also hires individuals with special needs to package all of our sensory-friendly clothing. Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the sale of all merchandise is given to the cause we are promoting in each campaign.


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