Aug 10

Animal Numbers for Kids

AWS, LibGDX 3761

Animal Numbers for Kids is a child-oriented educational app designed to teach numbers to kids in an amusing way.

Parents can install this kid education app both to educate their children and to have a nice time with them. There are 6 categories: Read, Write, Count, Math, Pattern, Exercise. Read category is appropriate to toddlers (1-3 year kids) All the numbers, 0 to 10, are indicated. You can listen each numbers and see them with lovely objects like flowers, fruits and animals.

In Write category, children trace numbers. So they learn how the numbers are written.

Count category has a basic concept of counting. There are beautiful animal illustrations and sweet objects to be counted. Children try to find the right number among the options.

Pre-school kids enter into the amusing world of mathematics. In Math category, kids start to add and subtract! It is useful for preschool education. The arithmetic operations are indicated with the animal and fruit objects, and a voice recites the numbers.

Pattern category has two subcategories: dots and sequence. Kids connect the dots to see lovely animal images. These easy games make kids enjoy and learn.

In Exercise category, kids are asked to find the smallest or largest number on colorful balloons.

With sounds, funny images, easy goals, beautiful graphics this educational app is for parents wanting to educate their children before primary school. Children will love maths and numbers. Also, toddlers can learn reading and counting the numbers.