Aug 10

Fish up River racing on fresh water

Cocos2D 3870

It’s not easy being a fish in a river!Anew arcade-style action game,Fish Up in the River, lets you experience what it is like beingone of the most hunted occupants of a river. This game is so exciting. You will surely have a hard time putting it down!

Your task in the Fish Up in the River game, should you choose to accept it, is to swim all the way up the river without being snagged by a fisherman’s boat,a gang of fish, or other dangerous thingsthat exist in the river that want to do you harm.

To reach your destination you will need a fish that is capable of completing the task. They may all have friendly names such as Buddy, Rainbow, and Bubbles, but you won’t find any docile fish in the Fish Up in the River game. These fish shoot bullets and are capable of swimming at varying speeds. Buddy will get you started, but you can unlock other fish that can swim top speed up the river!


Here are a few of the great features that are available in theFish Up in a River game:

- Runs on iPhone or iPad!
- Enjoy the basic game for free!
- Option to upgrade to unlock faster moving fish!
- Control the fish movements with only your finger!
- Gorgeous graphics!
- Increasing levels of difficulties as you go up the river!
- Unlock additional fish that travel faster!
- Collect points along your trip up the river and compete with other players!

Try Fish Up in a River today!